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Wearable Art

I do needle felting on a Baby Lock Embellisher machine.  This is a machine that looks exactly like a sewing machine, only it doesn’t have any thread or bobbin.  It does have 7 barbed needles. 

I use clothing that is already in someone’s closet.  I consider it recycling a wardrobe.  I use yarns, novelty yarns, fleece, and anything else that is capable of being felted into a wool, fleece or all cotton denim garment. 

I also paint faces of dogs, cats, fish, grandchildren, nieces or nephews on muslin and glue them on the garment and do felting around the portrait. 

I will use your garment and work with you to design an original piece of art on your garment.  No one will ever have anything like yours.  Everyone has jackets in their closet that fit really well but are not worn that often because they have become old or dated.  I can transform your garment.

The illustrations here are samples of items I have done. If you would like more information, please email me -


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