Ceramic Tiles - These vibrant 6x6” ceramic tiles with my paintings reproduced on them can be displayed on a small easel on an end table, a book case or they can be framed to hang on a wall.  They have a permanent heat proof finish so they can be used a hot plate on your table with the cork backing.  They can also be ordered without a cork backing so you can use them as a back splash in your kitchen or in your tub area.   Custom orders can be made by dividing tiles in to several tiles, such as a 6x6” tile divided into 4 tiles so you have a 12”x12” painting to inset into your back splash as accent tiles.   One nice thing about the tiles it lets you touch the artwork with the worry of destroying it; and we all have had the urge to touch art work and know that is a “no no”.  There is no problem here with ceramic tiles.

Single tiles are $21.95 each. Shipping is $5.00 each.
Four-tile sets are $80.00 per set. Shipping is $10.00 per set.


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